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Q & A

1. What is the difference between www.wingsandprawns.com and www.wingsandprawns.net ?

 The URL www.wingsandprawns.com has been retired since 13 November 2018 and the official website for Wings & Prawns is now www.wingsandprawns.net.


2. Why are the pictures on Food Panda different than your website?

That is because the website is developed by StoreHub, as part of its pioneer programme for its merchants. Pictures used there are sourced from our own
collection. Food Panda used images from image libraries and selected upon their closest resemblance to the actual wings and prawns served at our outlet. But
fret not, when it comes to taste, they should be as delicious. Treat yourself to more photos at @wingsandprawns on both Instagram and Facebook.

3. Does Wings & Prawns deliver to my location?

At Wings & Prawns, we collaborate with GoGet to provide the delivery service so technically-speaking, we deliver anywhere for as long as you agree to the delivery charges. However, recently a change was made to the delivery charge structure so that a more reasonable delivery fee can be offered to our customers. The structure is as follows:

i.  Kota Damansara – RM 15

ii. Sri Damansara – RM 15

iii. SierraMas and Valencia – RM 8

iv. Shah Alam – RM20

v. Subang Jaya – RM20

vi. Kuala Lumpur – RM20

vii. Petaling Jaya – RM20


If you don’t see your area listed above, don’t fret. We will still serve you, as long as you agree to the charge quoted by GoGet. For those living within the 8-km radius of our outlet, delivery will be served by Food Panda. So if you are in Bukit Rahman Putra, Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh, Taman Villa Putra, Saujana Damansara and the vicinity, you are in luck. That also means that you need to place your order via Food Panda. As a whole, we are always monitoring the issue of delivery closely so do check back often to not miss any new development.


4. What is the method of payment?

At our outlet cum our central kitchen in Putra One Residence it will be cash only. We are working on adding credit cardand debit card as a payment mode. For online orders, it will be through FPX(debit card). For customers who order through WhatsApp, you need to make an online transfer to our account and send us the proof of transaction so we can process your order. COD is not accepted. Do check back regularly in case new method of payment becomes available.

5. Can you give me a breakdown of the calories in my meal?

We are working on this. Watch this space.

6. Can the delivery rider come up to my floor?

As delivery service is provided by GoGet or Food Panda, any such or similar arrangements would have to be agreed upon with the rider of the respective
delivery service provider.

7. Can I track the delivery of my food? How long will it take?

You can’t track it like how you can track a parcel delivery. As an idea, delivery will typically take between 45 – 60 minutes, depending on the time of the day and destination address. The delivery time is shorter with Food Panda due to the radius of coverage area. If it rains, delivery might take a little longer but you will be notified accordingly.

8. What to do if I received the wrong dish/order?

We are really sorry if it did happen although the chances of it happening is very remote. What you can do is to snap a photo of the wrong dish/order and WhatsApp to us at 010 208 2018. We will make good the order by re-sending it according to your preferred time but within the 24-hour frame from the moment we received the WhatsApp message. It is necessary for us to honour the make-up order on Tuesday if you reported on Sunday as Monday is our rest day. Please see our opening hours and days for more information.

10. Can the food be left at the reception of a condominium or fronto ffice?

we suppose that can be arranged with the delivery service provider but only
upon your instruction but we shall not be held responsible if it was snapped by
irresponsible parties. Our food is really irresistible.

11. Can I change the delivery address?

This will depend on what stage of the ordering process you are in. If you are still early in the process as in no payment has been made, you should be able to. But if you have already received a fee quote and made the payment, it will not be possible because GoGet would have assigned a rider to collect the food at Wings & Prawns and deliver it to the address you specified earlier.

12. How do I cancel my order?

If the order is already en route to the address you may still cancel although no refund will be given. If you managed to cancel in time before we process your
order, you will give you a credit on your next order or credit back your account. Just let us know your preference. You may cancel via WhatsApp if you are ordering through the same platform or website. Please check with Food Panda on its cancellation policy.

13. Is there a sample I can get before I order for a group?

Depending on the quantity, yes we are quite happy for you to sample the food. Do ring us at 010 208 2018 for arrangements.

14. I want to organise a party but are you only about wings and prawns?

We take parties seriously and you have come to the right place. Besides wings and prawns, we make off-menu items as well so you may discuss options with us. To give you an idea, please visit @wingsandprawns on Instagram and Facebook for the kind of party food that we can do. But that is of course an idea starter. If you have specific requirements in mind, ring us at 010 208 2018 and we’ll be happy to assist.